Fixed Cost I.T. Managed Solutions

Fixed Cost I.T. Managed Solutions

Have you considered the cost to your business when your technology fails? Does it result in chaos and poor staff morale? Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business and should run like a well oiled machine, with regular servicing, care and attention. Evolve Technologies is dedicated to proactively managing your technology, with IT service and support that solves problems before they affect your business.

Our specifically tailored Managed Services plans provide you with all this:

  • Peace of mind – your network and systems are monitored 24/7
  • Minimal Business Disruption – we resolve IT issues before they impact your business operations
  • Fixed Price – a fixed monthly fee for all your IT Support – easy to budget and no surprises.
  • Dedicated Engineers – two highly qualified engineers are assigned to your site. You won’t see a different engineer each visit
  • Priority Response – our Managed Services clients receive priority service and fastest response times
  • Strategy Reviews – we meet regularly with your management team to ensure that your IT infrastructure is in line with your company’s direction and growth and that it will meet your future demands.
  • Monthly On Site Visits – Apart from remote support, your dedicated engineer will visit your premises at least once a month. We believe it’s essential that you regularly see your engineer and that a good relationship is developed.


How “In-House” Services are often More Costly
Far too often, the “IT department” comes in the form of either a single IT professional or an “accidental” IT person. The accidental IT person (we’ll call him Fred) was not really hired to handle IT issues, but he is more knowledgeable about IT than others in the company and so he is usually called on to put out fires. He knows enough to get by, but does not necessarily have any formal IT training. Fred has been putting out fires for so long that he may even feel a sense of ownership over the firm’s IT systems and does not see a need to bring in an outside IT service provider. The problem with this scenario is that Fred is actually the firm’s accountant.
Because Fred is the accountant, the scope of his IT functions is undefined and constantly changing depending on the occasion or situation. He lacks access to an IT test environment, so there is no way for him to know if a new patch or application could blow out the entire network. In most cases, Fred has no formal IT training, no backup and his absence could represent disruption to business flow  and considerable business loss. Plus, Fred has no idea of  IT industry best practices.

Our solution is to provide a team of IT specialists along with sophisticated tools for monitoring, management, reporting and automation along with a priority help desk to release Fred to his hired duties where he is most productive. This solution provides a cost effective more productive, robust and secure system for your company.

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