Disaster Recovery Systems

Disaster Recovery Systems


IT Disaster Recovery Planning is a critical part of any organisation’s IT infrastructure to ensure Business Continuity in the face of data loss and technology failure. A Disaster Recovery Plan has become more than a part of IT infrastructure, it is a crucial piece of the business machine, required to reduce the business risk facing the organisation and to adhere to regulatory compliance.

What plans do you have in place in the event of a catastrophe or natural disaster? The beginning of 2011 certainly highlighted that flood, fire and natural disaster are a reality. And of course, there’s always the risk of theft.  How long would it take you to be operational again if you were to face one of these events?

Most businesses are aware they need to have a reliable backup system in place with their data stored off site. Some businesses even understand the value of having a disaster recovery solution in place to allow them to quickly recover their server from a major disaster.

Are you at Risk?

  • We ensure your backup strategy is working and that all your company data is being backed up and stored off site
  • Cloud based backup and DR solutions are available
  • We will train your staff in maintaining the disaster recovery solution which can help you get your servers back online fast after a major catastrophe!
  • We will identify the technology your business depends on and help you develop a business continuity plan which will allow you to get your business back up and running in the shortest possible time

A comprehensive plan is critical to ensure all your hard work and valuable data is not lost forever due to circumstances beyond your control. With some simple steps, we can develop a strategy with you to ensure a swifter recovery.

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