The fifth major feature update of Windows 10 is almost around the corner…….

SO what are some of the features included in this update we hear you ask?

Cloud Clipboard and Clipboard history

If you are using multiple Microsoft devices, this feature is for you. Windows 10 Version 1809 will come with cloud clipboard option. This means that your clipboard contents will be saved to your Microsoft account and will appear wherever you sign into your account. Sync across devices feature is not enabled until you sign in to a Microsoft account.

Dark mode for Microsoft Apps

Dark mode is all the rage now a days. All applications and Operating Systems including popular browsers are introducing dark mode in their feature set. Dark mode is the inverted mode where foreground color become lighter and background color becomes darker. This helps in saving eyes from damage especially when working at night.  Microsoft has introduced dark mode for Windows apps especially File Explorer.

SwiftKey keyboard

Microsoft has improved on its virtual keyboard which is an accessibility feature in Windows. SwiftKey keyboard is like real keyboard and it can be used on touch enabled devices. After this improvement, people may find it easier to take tablets without a physical keyboard instead of laptops which have a physical keyboard, especially useful when you are travelling.

Updated game bar and game mode

The game bar has been greatly improved in Windows 10 Update 1809. Earlier, the game bar was just a small bar with basic settings about game mode. Now if you press Windows Key + G to open the game bar, you will be amazed by the amount of features included in it.

 Your Phone app

Windows 10 Version 1809 comes with a much better smartphone integration. Now you can integrate your Windows 10 Phone or even Android phone. You will be able to access your photos and send SMS using your PC instead of the phone.


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