At Evolve Technologies, we take Security Seriously

Today’s endpoint protection needs to do much more than blocking known malware. Your endpoint solution needs to be intelligent enough to prevent attacks based on suspicious behaviours, and it should be able to detect and clean up infections when they do happen.

At Evolve Technologies, we take the protection of your Businesses IT systems seriously, and at every opportunity we are registering our team to partake in courses to build our knowledge base and skill sets to be able to offer our clients the most beneficial and up to date products and services.

Evolves Technical Services Manager – Daniel Bilton has recently attended the product launch of StorageCraft OneSystem encompassing OneXafe and ShadowXafe.  These are enterprise rated solutions for scalable on premises storage and VM Host based backups.

He also attended the annual Sophos convention in Brisbane.  This event highlighted Sophos’ current offerings in the endpoint and firewall protection space, consisted of some technical seminars, demonstrated how easily a hacker can infiltrate a system using known exploits in commonly used software, how Intercept X and the 7 layers of protection Sophos Endpoint has to protect against these threats.

We look forward to sharing this information and utilising these products & services to benefit your business.

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